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Sorority and Fraternity Themed Items

AKAs, Deltas, Gammas, Zetas/Alphas, Qs, etc.

Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA)

This sorority was founded in 1908 at Howard University with the motto, "By Culture and By Merit."




1. AKA Hat green with 20 pearls

Price: $22

2. AKA Hat with beal

Price: $22

3. AKA Hat green with 20 pearls

Price: $22

Delta Sigma Theta

With its beginning at Howard University, this sorority started in 1913 with the motto, "Transforming Communities through Sisterhood and Service.

1. Delta ponytail hat red & white order red top

Price: $22

2. Delta red Ponytail red bottom white top

Price: $22

3. Delta with flower

Price $13

4. Delta red with white button

Price $12

5. Delta turban

Price: $22

6. Delta red only infinity

Price $25

Sigma Gamma Rho

This sorority was founded in 1922 at Butler University as a non-profit dedicated to public service, "Greater Service, Greater Progress."

1. Sigma Gamma Rho

Price $22

2. Sigma Gamma Rho vertical with tossle

Price: $22

3. Sigma Gamma Rho horizontal with tossle

Price $22

Zeta Beta Phi

Thank With over 90 years of history, this sorority was founded in 1920 at Howard University with the principles of "Scholarship, Sisterly Love, Service, Finer Womanhood."

1. Zeta Beta Phi checkered

Price $20

2. Zeta Beta Phi vertical long

Price: $22

3. Zeta Beta Phi Scarf

Price $23

4. Zeta Beta Phi headband white edges

SOLD Price: $15

5. Zeta Beta Phi headband white flower

Price: $15

6. Zeta Beta Phi vertical short

Price: $22

Alpha Phi Alpha

This is a fraternity that was founded in 1906 at Cornell University with the motto, "First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All."

1. Alpha Phi Alpha Horizontal Stripes

Price: $22

2. Alpha Phi Alpha vertical

Price: $22

3. Alpha Phi Alphi - checkered

Price $25

4. Alpha Phi Alpha football tossle

Thank Price: $22

5. Alpha Phi Alpha hat and scarf

Price $45

6. Alpha Phi Alpha scarf

Price: $25

Coming Soon

Kappa Alpha Psi 

This frat was founded in 1911 at Indiana University with the motto, "Training for Leadership since 1911."

Omega Psi Phi

Founded in 1911, this fraternity started at Howard University; Omega's website proudly states the motto, "Friendship is essential to the soul."

1. Omega football style p&y with tossle

Price: $22

2. Omega purple bottom yellow top

Price: $22

Price $22

Coming Soon

Phi Beta Sigma

The frat was created in 1914 at Howard University with the motto, "Culture For Service and Service For Humanity."

Coming Soon

Lota Phi Theta

As a fraternity founded in 1963 at Morgan State University, the organization's motto is, "Building A Tradition, Not Resting Upon One!"